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Our Degrees Will Help You!

Friends of CCU...(Friends to the end)

          Friends of CCU is a special community of students at CCU who are not quite ready to fully enroll in our courses and degree programs.  But even so, there are great advantages to a Friend relationship with CCU.  First, our Friends receive the weekly video update, so they are fully up to date on all the information and opportunities available at CCU.          

          Second, Friends of CCU are able to receive referral fees by referring others to CCU who enroll in our courses and program.  This is a good way to start to earn the tuition necessary to be fully enrolled in our programs.

          Friends of CCU enjoy the friendships and camaraderie of the CCU student community and form lifelong relationships.

The Asssociate's Degree

           The Associate's Degree teaches the student how to pay off all debt in five years or less.  This includes home mortgages, school loans, car loans and credit cards as well.  This course is truly the foundation of attaining financial independence and early retirement.  

          This course like all of the CCU courses includes the benefits of the weekly vlog as well as the opportunity to associate with other students in the CCU student body community.

The Bachelor's Degree

          The CCU Bachelor's Degree includes all of the benefits of the Associate's Degree , but also includes more one on one coaching to achieve the course goals.  Community interaction, new friendships, and guaranteed success are just some of the added benefits of the Bachelor's Degree as well as becoming debt-free in record time.

The Master's Degree

          The CCU Masters Degree not only includes all of the benefits of the Associate and Bachelor Degrees, but also includes powerful income earning opportunities in a variety of types including real estate and Management consulting.

The CCU Doctorate of Philosophy Phd.

The Highest Degree offered at CCU is the Phd.  This degree includes not only all of the debt-free courses, but also multiple income earning opportunities such as literature, music, management, real estate, digital marketing, and the exclusive CCU Mastermind group as well as spirituality courses enabling one to become a Retreat Master and a Minister of Healing.

  • The Associate's Degree is great to start to become debt-free.
    1 hr
    70 US dollars
  • Use this area to describe one of your services.
    1 hr 30 min
    120 US dollars
  • Use this area to describe one of your services.
    90 US dollars
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