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Choose the Plan for You

All of our courses are designed to help you reduce your indebtness as fast as possible and create additional income for you.

  • Friends of CCU

    Every month
    "Earn to Learn"
     30 day free trial
    • Enjoy the CCU community and weekly video vlog
    • Earn referral commissions to pay for your tuition
    • Get started on your journey to FIRESO
    • $99 referral fee available
  • Associate's Degree

    Every month
    Learn everything you need to become debt-tree
    Valid for 12 months
    • Become truly debt-free for good
    • Receive the book and The Last Chapter
    • Benefit from the support of the CCU community!
    • $750 Referral fee available
    • Pay $4997 once and save 20%
  • Bachelor's Degree

    Every month
    Learn all you need to become debt-free!
    Valid for 12 months
    • You receive the book, Solve My Mortgage Mess Now!
    • You are entitled to refer others to earn referral fees.
    • You receive the valuable Last Chapter to become debt-free
    • You receive the weekly video vlog to stay up to date!
    • You will enjoy the CCU community!
    • $1000 referral fee available
    • Pay $9997 once and save 20%
  • The Master's Degree

    Every month
    Receive special help to become debt-free
    Valid for 12 months
    • The book: Solve My Mortgage Mess Now! plus The Last Chapter
    • You will receive special personalized help to be debt-free
    • You will have the support of the CCU community
    • You can earn referral fees as extra income
    • Special income opportunities like real estate development
    • Referral fee of $1500 available
    • Pay $19,000 once and save 20%
  • The CCU Ph.D

    Every month
    The Ultimate in Debt-free and Strong Income and Spirituality
    • All of the knowledge of the Bachelor and Master's
    • Learn to write songs and books
    • Become a Retreat Master and Minister of Healing
    • Benefit from the CCU Master Mind Membership
    • Learn Digital Marketing
    • $2500 Referral fee available
    • Pay $45000 once and save 20%
  • Adjunct Professor

    Every month
    Share your knowledge with other students
    Valid for 12 months
    • Solve My Mortgage Mess Now! and The Last Chapter
    • Earn referral fees by refetring others
    • Enjoy the CCU community!
    • Participation by application
    • Earn revenue by teaching others to become FIRESO
    • $1000 Referral fee available
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