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About Our President and Founder

My Story

          My story is unique and special, just like yours.  Basically, I retired at age 26, just after graduating law school and after being admitted to the Texas Bar Association.  I suppose I have always been a long range thinker, and I did not want to be on the beach as a senior citizen with varicose veins.  I decided that after 19 years of education I was ready to explore the world and find out what else was out there waiting for me.  I knew I did not want to become a pawn in some large Law firm, so I bought a one-way ticket to Europe. 

          Next I bought a vehicle and drove from Copenhagen to Kathmandu. Some 15,000 miles later I was living in a rented house ($5/ per month) on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the old Portuguese colony of Goa, about 300 miles south of Mumbai One might describe Goa as the Western version of paradise:  coconut trees, mango trees, papaya trees, and a dozen fresh mackerel straight from the fisherman's net for only a dime.  Interestingly though, I discovered that Paradise can become boring.  Now that is a real problem.  One has to have a purpose and a plan to do something meaningful other than just subsisting each day.  So it was in Goa that I discovered the true meaning of life.  That discovery is penned in my international best-selling book titled Omega Brigade.

          Eventually, after running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, I returned to the USA and took a job as President of a real estate development company.  After quadrupling the net worth of the company in only two years and other significant achievements, I was fired after seven years due to financial problems of the parent holding company.  That experience taught me a lesson that I did not want to put my future in someone else's hands again.  From there, I worked as an entrepreneur in marketing and sales, in financial planning, and real estate consulting and finance.  I was active in the foreclosure defense industry in Las Vegas in the real estate melt down of 2006-2009, and I wrote a book about it titled,

Solve My Mortgage Mess Now!  I have now added a last chapter to that book which solves all mortgage problems by teaching how to simply pay off the mortgage and becoming debt-free in record time.  I call the addition, The Last Chapter.

          I have had my good share of success along the way, and now I want to give back, so that others, too, may benefit from the lessons I have learned.  To accomplish this, I thought it best to establish an online university.  That is exactly how Charles Christmas University came into being.  I sincerely hope you will have the opportunity to enroll in and benefit from our courses and degree programs.  I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story as well.  

     Winning has always been an important part of my life.  In grade school the teachers would line us up  against a fence and have us race to the opposite side of the playground.  I won almost all of those races.  Later in high school, I became the state champion in the 800 meter dash.  In football in the fall, we were conference champions and had an undefeated season our senior year.

  Later in college, I was twice All-American, and we had the fastest time in the world  in the distance medley relay.  I was national collegiate champion in the 800 meters in 1965 and ran the mile in 4:01 twice in 1966.

  In business, I became a corporate president and quadrupled the equity of our real estate investment company in 2 years. 

 In the spiritual life I traveled through 3 continents and 20 countries and finally found the peace and assurance I was looking for.  (See my international best-selling book, Omega Brigade)  Now it is time for me to help others to win also.  

  I have had my fair share.  Now I want to give back.  Now I want to help as many people as I can become debt free, especially with their home mortgage which is usually the largest debt anyone incurs.

I hope you will benefit greatly from our help, and also help us spread the good news to others about how to become debt free.  To refer others, simply send us your email with the names and emails of those you want to refer.  Email us at:

                            "You owe it to yourself, to not owe a lender," (c) 2022

                              Charles Christmas, Esq.

Charles Christmas, Esq.
 President and Founder
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Charles Christmas, Esq.
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