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1.  Friends of CCU

              Anyone can be a Friend of CCU. This relationship is for those who are interested in CCU, but for a variety of reasons may not be ready to enroll yet.  There are three main benefits of the Friend status.  First, a Friend f CCU is able to receive the weekly video updates to keep fully informed on what are the latest events and opportunities with CCU and its extended network of others.  Second, any Friend of CCU is able to earn referral fees by referring others to the university who actually enroll in the courses in the university.  These fees can be quite handsome indeed and may range from $750 to $4500 per successful referral.  This is a great way for a Friend to accumulate the funds necessary to actually enroll in one of the courses of the university.  Thirdly, as a Friend of the University, a prospective student can participate in the student body community of students of the university.  This group of relationships is a one-of-a-kind group of like-minded students who are all committed to the success of one another.  Support and accountability are two of the primary features of the CCU community.  The initial tuition to become a Friend of the University is only $497 with a monthly fee of $97.  There is no long-term commitment, and one can terminate their status as a Friend at any time.  The referral fee of $100 can be earned by successfully referring a new Friend to the University.

2.  The Associate Degree

              The Associate Degree is the first degree to be earned at Charles Christmas University.  This is essentially a do-it-yourself program. One receives a textbook plus the all-important Last Chapter which spells out everything necessary for one to become completely debt-free in a very short time.  The group Q & A sessions are included to assist the student in successfully achieving a debt-free status.  Just imagine being completely debt-free.  No more monthly payments. No more having to rob peter to pay paul.  How will you feel when you know you will never have to make another monthly payment as long as you live.  The tuition for the Associate Degree is $7500 or 12 monthly payments of $750.  The referral fee for the Associate Degree is $750.  All referral fees are paid after the 30-day guarantee period expires. Obviously, we cannot pay referral fees for students who enroll, but then terminate their enrollment shortly thereafter and ask for a return of their tuition. 

3.  The Bachelor Degree

              The Bachelor Degree is much like the Associate Degree with the addition of a one on one teleconference just to make sure you have everything exactly in order for you to pay off all your debts, including mortgage, school loans, car loans, credit cards, and whatever other debt you may have.  What a wonderful feeling to know you are completely debt-free.  No more monthly payments ever!  Tuition for the Bachelor Degree is $10,000 or 12 monthly payments of $1,000.  The referral fee for the Bachelor Degree is $1,000.

4.  The Master's Degree

             The master's degree includes all of the debt-free instruction of the Associate and the Bachelor Degree; but also includes several income-producing training opportunities as well.  Luxury home sale referrals, and the True Blue Envision Management System can be applied for and when approved will generate solid income for anyone.  The TBE management system is a business system that totally eliminates turnover in business which normally costs $80,000 per instance.  TBE eliminates that and will increase productivity as well.  The normal purchase for that system to be installed into a company is $1000 per employee.  The fees are shared between the University and the student.  In an installation workshop with 50 employees, $50,000 is generated in income to be shared as an example.  How many times per year does one want to share such an income.  Larger clients generate larger incomes, etc.  Another income opportunity is the Real Estate Development training.  Also, there is the home building opportunity where the student can build their own home for roughly 50% less than buying an existing home.  That can be a savings of $200,000 plus in today's market.  We can show you how to be a real estate developer without having to use any of your own money.  That is indeed rare in today's world.  Many of our students find the Master's Degree has everything they want.  Tuition for the Master's Degree is $19,000, which is far less than most universities for a Master's Degree, and our Degree is guaranteed to produce results.  One can pay the tuition by paying $2,000 per month for 12 months.  Referral fees for the Master's Degree are $1,500.

5.  Doctorate in Philosophy

The CCU Ph.D. Degree includes everything in the Master's Degree plus many additional benefits such as a monthly Mastermind meeting of all students enrolled.  The limit is 30 students for the Ph.D., with a minimum of 5 students at any time.  The Mastermind includes monthly Hot Seats where every student has an opportunity to benefit from all the wisdom in the room to grow and progress in both their personal life as well as their business and spiritual goals and development.  Book writing and songwriting are included as part of the training as well as digital marketing and spiritual development.  One actually has the opportunity to become certified as a Retreat Master in this program.  Tuition for the Phd is $45,000 or 12 payments of $4500.  The referral fee for the Ph.D. program is $2500.

6.  Adjunct Professor

We recognize their are many others with valuable information and knowledge to share with individuals and families who desire to transform their lives for the better.  IN order to collect and distribute the best knowledge to the widest audience, we, therefore, make it possible for  those with content to teach to take a position of Adjunct Professor with CCU.  Applications are available by simply requesting one from  We welcome your requests and application.  The Processing fee for the Adjunct Professor position is $9,000 with a generous tuition sharing plan.  Referral fees of $1,000 are available for the successful accepted Adjunct Professor position.

choose the courses best for you!

              All of the courses at CCU are backed by an iron-clad 30-day money back guarantee.  If for any reason, you are not satisfied with a given course, then just send us an email within 30 days of your purchase, and your money will be cheerfully refunded.  We do ask that you return any materials to us in salable condition, i.e., no underlining or notes in the margin, etc. We also ask that you do not disclose or circumvent any of our proprietary information contained in our courses.

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