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Generous Referral Fees for our Students & Friends

Earn to Learn... Pay your tuition by referring others

Referral Fee Schedule

At Charles Christmas University, we don't want any student to be held back because of lack of finances.  We give you an excellent opportunity to "Earn to Learn."  Yes by referring other students to us who enroll, you can earn enough funds to pay for your own tuition as well.

Here follows a schedule of the referral fees paid to our students and friends.

1.  Friend Referral pays $100

2.  Associate Degree Referral pays $750.

3.  Bachelor's Degree referral pays $1000.

4.  Master's Degree referral pays $1500.

5.  Ph.D Degree  referral pays $2500

6.  Adjunct Professor referral pays $1000 upon approval and acceptance.

All referral fees are paid after the 30-day Guarantee period has elapsed because we obviously cannot pay referral fees for students who choose not to continue with the program.   Your status is that of an independent contractor and you will receive a 1099 for your earnings for the year.   It is your responsibility to keep us informed of your current email and current physical address.  You can send any referrals to us at

               Let's leave out the Adjunct Professor  for the moment, and let's imagine that you were able to refer just one of each other class in a given month.  That would total up to $100 + $750 + $1000 + $1500 + $2500 = $5850 per month or it can be annualized over 12 months to $70,200 for the year.  That amount of money can usually bring home either spouse with small children, or it can go a long way toward eliminating  existing debt in the household. 

              It is actually easy and it is something that everyone should be happy to share with others.  All you have to do is just point people to our website and send us your name and their email address, or at least their name.  How much easier could it be than that? 

        How many people do you know who would like to be financially independent, debt-free, and retired early to spend time as they choose rather than have an employer or a small business dictate how they spend their time?  I think your favorite local coffee shop is just brimming with  people you can potentially  refer to us.  Let's get started now!

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