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Learn to Earn...Live to Give

Charles Christmas

a FIRESO Certified Learning Institution

Our Mission

              The mission of Charles Christmas University is to educate and train individuals and families to restructure their assets and personal resources so they can become debt-free within five years or less.   Additionally, CCU provides solid proven income opportunities that enable our students to retire early, enjoy quality time together, and find fulfillment by serving others in their own chosen manner and style.

            Individuals and families who are overburdened with loads of financial debt from mortgages, school loans, credit cards, and other debts can find true freedom and regain control of their time and life direction through our package of courses and training at Charles Christmas University.  We help anyone interested in becoming financially independent and retiring early from their life-consuming current employment, whether with a multi-national corporation or a life strangling small business.

             The vast majority of our students are so pleased and excited to regain control of their lives and their time, that they are more than willing and happy to spread the news and help others who are struggling with the same life challenges.  Anyone wanting to change their life for a better model can enroll in our guaranteed results courses and find the life and the lifestyle they are so desperately searching for.  Now is the time, and this is the place.

A FIRESO CERTIFIed Learning Institution

              There is a movement sweeping through Western Civilization currently moving faster than a California wildfire ripping through a wind-driven canyon.  That movement is FIRE which is an acronym standing for Financially Independent, Retire Early.  Many Millennials and Gen-X-ers have decided than the corporate lifestyle is not for them.  Life is too precious, and time is too valuable to be spent almost entirely on simply increasing profits and dividends for shareholders.  The same holds true for many small business owners who thought that owning their own business was a viable alternative to the corporate lifestyle.  They have discovered that he who works for himself never has any time off.  The work week becomes 80-100 hours so easily.  Then there is the challenge of finding and keeping good employees.

               What about spouses and children?  Is this really the way you want to spend the best years of your life?

However, we know that simply having time and money is not enough.  There is also deep yearning in the soul of each person with an inherent desire to serve others in some valuable capacity.  Hence, the addition of "SO."  The Acronym FIRE becomes FIRESO, (pronounced "fou-res'-so") Financially Independent, Retired Early, Serving Others.  Helping a fellow human being is where true meaning and fulfillment in life is found.  To be FIRESO Certified means that any organization or learning institution meets the guidelines of FIRESO.  Courses are taught from a practical results-driven perspective.  Unlike so many traditional colleges and universities, at CCU you wont find courses that only speak about theory.  To be FIRESO Certified means that the learning institution offers courses and programs that follow the following guidelines.  (1) to offer and teach courses that are not just based on theory, but courses that can be put into action with fast results.  (2 ) Knowledge that is affordable and available to everyone.  (3)   Courses that offer action plans that deliver results. (4) Knowledge that can be easily shared with others.  (5)  Results that benefit both the individual and the community at large.  (6)  Programs that free up people from debt and lack of control of their time.  (7)  Programs that support families with long lasting multi-generational results.  Application for FIRESO certification can be made by requesting additional information at

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